701 N. 3rd.
Street Sutton, WV 26601
Phone: 304-765-5176
Fax: 304-765-5855
About Us:

Hickman Electric Co. started Dec. 12, 1972 and changed to Hickman Electric corporation July 1, 1980 at the same address, same person running the business, same phone number. We started out as a small business with only 2 of us working and now we're still small with 5 of us working.

A few years in the past we had up to 8 workers. Licenses: We have a WV Contractors License No WV004241 with the following Classification:
1. Electrical
2. General Building
3. Heating, Ventilating & Cooling
4. Multifamily 5. Plumbing
6. Residential
7. Specialty
All of our workers have a electrician's license and most of our workers have a plumber's license. We are qualified and State approved to work in the Coal and Rock mines. 85% of our work is Electrical: 1. 80% Industrial 2. 10% Commercial 3. 10% Residential 7% of our work is plumbing: 1. 80% Residential 2. 20% Commercial 8 % of our work is other: 1. Trenching and ditch witching. 2. Backhoe work. 3. Septic tank system installations.